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their backs to cover the orc warriors who had withdrawn from the front battlefield. They kept shooting a dense rain of arrows at the giant spiders on the battlefield. The stainless steel arrow clusters cannot wade into the armor of the spiderman warriors, but they are still lethal to giant spiders. Whether they are shot …



nnel. When the weight of the lake filled into the gate is greater than the stone gate, the stone gate will automatically open.” Okay, I just want to know how to open the stone gate. I followed the instructions of 西安耍耍网 Elder Dirham and opened the sluice on the left side of the altar entrance …



haps with the protection of the extreme cold breath, those tree spirits two hundred meters away did not dare to approach at will, and even the beasts in the hell world were hidden in the dark woods. I can feel the pressure brought by this diseased forest at any time. After all, the plane of …



ct, just some verbal agreement, as long as they can’t be caught. There is no way for the handle royal family to interfere, even if it catches some handles.” “It sounds pretty boring.” I sighed softly. Speaking of it, the project managed by my magic talisman workshop is very simple, there are only three magic …



g the clear water shook in her hand. She was obviously fainted by my treatment method. The female assistant at the side took the opportunity to quickly set aside the white sheepskin book in her hand, hurriedly rolled up her sleeves, squatted down to take the water basin of the maid, and said to her: …



about a small accident in yesterday’s experiment class. We didn’t expect that someone in the class had never drawn a magic scroll. We experienced the power of magic 西安夜生活第一论坛网 charms in the experiment class yesterday. It was to ask us to draw a few magic charms on the magic parchment. Unexpectedly, the magic power output …



ther arrow deeply inserted into the front head. The clusters of stainless steel arrows dyed in red came out directly to the demon antelope. The head shot across. And at this time, Kuz followed immediately and the second arrow hit the neck of the demon antelope that fled to the left side of the pond, …



to take care of the ladies around him in such a chaotic situation. This kind of character really has a gentlemanlike demeanor. what! As I praised the noble viscount more and more from the bottom of my heart, my eyes suddenly saw Madame Alia. She pushed away Auguste beside her 西安耍耍网 in the crowd, struggling …



arbarians to you, I believe you will be able to deal with them. Please take these ten barbarians away!” “But I think it’s safer for these big guys to stay in the water prison!” “Look, the current situation in our prison 新西安夜网 here is not so many people now. To manage these barbarians and prisoners, …